About Bulgaria

Bulgaria – “The State of Spirit”, as has called it the prominent Russian academician Dmitry Likhachov, is an amazing blend of glorious history, breath-taking nature, and unique cultural heritage at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. This blessed territory has been inhabited ever since the dawn of human civilization. The Bulgarian state was founded in 681, and in the 9th century adopted Christianity. The brothers St Cyril and St Methodius created and disseminated the Slavic alphabet. From Bulgaria their disciples spread the Slavic alphabet, literature and Christian culture to all Slavs.

Since ancient times even to this day Bulgarian lands have kept numerous traces of different epochs with their rich traditions and varied culture. Its unique archaeological findings reveal the richness of the Old Bulgarian culture and strengthen its place as one of the cradles of the European civilization. Situated during the Middle ages on the border between the Barbarian world and Byzantine culture, it became one of the most influential factors in Europe. The Bulgarians adopted the Byzantine Orthodox heritage and developed during the centuries their rich cultural traditions.

Bulgaria occupies a relatively small area but is nevertheless distinguished by generous and beautiful nature. The Bulgarian territory includes wonderful mountains: Pirin (part of the world natural heritage), the most majestic and highest mountain in the Balkans – Rila (2925 m), the home of Orpheus – the mysterious Rhodopes. Bulgaria possesses long coastline and golden beaches, over 500 mineral springs, many natural phenomena.

The bright, vivid and expressive sounds, rhythms and colours of Bulgarian folklore bring to admiration before the creative genius and traditions of the Bulgarians. The folklore magic touches the hearts of the people all over the world. Everyone who has visited Bulgaria sees that it is a fascinating country and reveals the unexpected treasures of a nation steeped in history, folklore, tradition and beautiful countryside.

The dignity of a nation is estimated not only with its political but also with its spiritual and cultural achievements.  The Bulgarians are proud of their historical, cultural and literary heritage and their contribution to the world civilization. They love their country and believe in its better future. 

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